Ship maintenance We provide ship maintenance services in Russia, Turkey and Bulgaria in specialized docks and with the best standards that conform to international standards. We also have a team of engineers and consultants specialized in this field for more than thirty years.
Ship Spare Parts Supply (1) Experience in supply of technical spare parts since 1994. (2) Professional sourcing and procurement of technical and sophisticated parts. (3) Specialized staff with local knowledge of suppliers. (4) Professional logistics on a global scale. (5) Genuine, OEM or alternative parts. (6) Specialized knowledge about spare parts, Oily Water Separators and many other manufacturers. (7) Multi-lingual support (English, Russian,arabic, Turkish). (8) Single source contact and supply.
Crewing As powered ships developed in the 19th century, their crews evolved into three distinct groups: (1) the deck department, which steered, kept lookout, handled lines in docking and undocking, and performed at- sea maintenance on the hull and nonmachinery components. (2) the engine department, which operated machinery and performed at-sea maintenance. (3) the stewards department, which did the work of a hotel staff for the crew and passengers. The total number of crew varied widely with the function of the ship and with changes in technology.
Truck transportation We provide land transport services in Russia, Turkey and Bulgaria thanks to the strong relations with the largest land transport companies operating in the field and we offer competitive prices as part of the company's policy priorities in providing the best services.